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Additives & Primers

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The key to success when installing Adhesive products is to achieve a good bond between the substrate and waterproofing membranes and tile adhesives. All manufacturers produce a range of primers for internal and external use.

Additive improves the strength of all powder adhesives, unnecessary in polymer fortified Tile Adhesive.

Old Stonemason ramblings: All surfaces must be free of- oil, paint, dirt/grime, dust also rain damaged slabs are to be ground to remove the laitance. A simple test is to pour a small amount of water on your floor if it is not absorbed DONT TILE. Applying a primer and using the same manufacturers adhesive will bring give you a warranty.

It is a well-known fact that Primers apart from preparing the substrate for the adhesive enhances Better Adhesion, Better workability, Easier notching, Slightly more coverage, Longer Dry Time.